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Charles Cruthirds was born in New Orleans, La. where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Orleans. After spending nearly 40 years in the insurance industry, he retired and followed his passion for writing. His primary genre is mystery writing as evident by his first two books, The Road to Darkness and UNRECOGNIZABLE! He enjoys keeping his readers guessing throughout the story. Charles is planning future books in the J.C. Net Detective series.

My Books

The Road to Darkness: A J.C. Net mystery–Book 1

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UNRECOGNIZABLE!: Another J.C. Net mystery–Book 2

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Death In The City That Care Forgot: A J.C. Net Mystery Book 3

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This is a first time self published book. The story line is very good and overall an enjoyable read. The story is set in a small Louisiana town. It revolves around murder investigation which begins with a judge who is killed then his office explodes and goes from there. The types of characters are enough to keep it interesting without overloading the reader. The descriptions of the area are enough for the reader to visualize the setting. The book needs a copy editor for time stamping, internal congruency, unnecessary repetition, and grammar. With the listed writing mechanics improvements, the book would be 5 stars

ReaderThe Road to Darkness: A J.C. Net mystery--Book 1

This is a great first book. Once I started reading I didn’t stop until I was finished. I had at least 3 suspects throughout the book could never quite figure it out until the end. Can’t wait for book 2.

Scott JeffriesThe Road to Darkness: A J.C. Net mystery--Book 1

Great book, never could put it down . Easy read , great plot ,Always guessing who dun it and always being wrong. I. Cannot wait until thy next book in the series I released. Highly recommended.

Kristen LohrThe Road to Darkness: A J.C. Net mystery--Book 1

I DID NOT WANT TO PUT THIS BOOK DOWN! Super easy read! If you enjoy a suspenseful murder mystery this book will not let you down! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

Patrick ZapalowskiThe Road to Darkness: A J.C. Net mystery--Book 1

Well written mystery. Kept my attention throughout wondering “who done it”. Would definitely recommend.

ReaderThe Road to Darkness: A J.C. Net mystery--Book 1

This book was a great read. I found the story to flow really well and a good use of characters. Each character held their own and made the story easy to follow. Being a big fan of crime/horror/psychological non-fiction books, this book really grasped my attention when it came to the plots and twists. A lot of the times where I felt that the ‘killer’ was one character, I was quickly navigated to believe that it was another character, fully not expecting the twist that came at the end. The characters throughout the book are described well and all play an important part in the story, there is no unnecessary chapters or characters that draw attention away from the storyline. A really, well thought out book for its storyline. I have not read a book similar to this plot line so, I feel that this book will be very successful.



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